Rules and regulations

§.1 General information

1.1 This document defines terms and conditions of providing and using services of Fluento Academy online language school, including conducting and organizing classes or payments

1.2 The school reserves the right to change Rules and Regulations. In such situations, this document will be immediately updated and all current Students of Fluento will be immediately notified by e-mail.

1.3 Current information regarding the offer can be found at If none of the standard offers suits the Student, it is possible to create individual offer after contacting the School.

1.4 By using services of the School, you accept these rules and the Privacy Policy.

1.5 All personal data and other data disclosed to the School is protected in accordance with GDPR and Privacy Policy.

1.6 Definitions:

School – organizer of classes, owner and administrator the website – online language school Fluento Academy with headquarters at Bavnehøj Allé 38, 2, 1, 2450 Copenhagen in Denmark, registered under CVR number: 41334568. Email address:

Student – physical person who bought and paid for (or considers buying and paying for) language course at Fluento Academy or for whom a course was bought and paid for.

Offer – standard course configuration available at the School 

Course – a language learning service, purchased as a package of specified number of online classes with a qualified teacher

§.2 Signing up for a course

2.1 In order to enroll in the course, the Student completes sign up form available on the website or contacts the School directly.

2.2 When contacting the School, the type of package, length of the course, number and frequency of lessons and any other additional details as well as schedule of classes are determined. After the conversation, the School send the summary to the Student, including details about the course, timetable, price and payment instructions.

2.3 Dates of the classes are defined before the beginning of the course. Modifications are possible during the course – see §.4.

2.4 Payment for the course is a final, binding confirmation of enrollment. All details and necessary information about the payment will be included in the summary e-mail (see point 2.2) received from the School.

2.5 Payment must be done before the start of the course. If the School doesn’t receive the payment before deadline, the course will not start and the scheduled classes will not take place.

2.6 All courses at Fluento Academy are paid in advance and payment is the final confirmation of enrollment. In case of semester courses (5 months), it is possible to split payments into two installments. Other solutions regarding payment in installments might be possible after individual assessment and conversation between the Student and the School before enrolling in the course.

§.3 Classes details

3.1 One class lasts 45 minutes. Deviations from this are possible in case of individually agreed offers.

3.2 All classes are held via Skype with a qualified teacher, live. The Student doesn not have to use video camera during the class, but it is recommended.

3.3 Classes are conducted by a qualified teacher who sets individual schedule depending on the needs and preferences of the student.

3.4 Recording and distribution of classes is prohibited.

3.5 All materials needed for the course will be available online at no extra fee. If the Student wants to use any other additional materials (books, dictionaries etc) – they can be purchased by the Student outside school.

§.4 Conducting classes and modifications in time schedule

4.1 Classes should be conducted in accordance to schedule set before beginning of the course. The course can be put on pause for maximum of 4 weeks. In order to do that, Student has to notify School at least 2 weeks in advance. After time on pause, the Student returns to initial schedule.

4.2 The Student can cancel class no earlier than 24 hours before its start. In this case the Student should notify the School or the teacher as soon as possible. The class will be rescheduled for another time. If the class is canceled in less than 24 hours before its start, there is no possibility to reschedule it or receive a refund.

4.3 The Student can cancel entire course at any time. In order to do that, the Student should notify the School by sending e-mail to with “Resignation” in subject. In the e-mail, the Student should provide their name, surname and the information about cancellation date. Notice period is 14 days from the day of sending the resignation. It’s possible to not have classes during that time, but they will not be refunded. After processing cancellation request, Student will receive refund for classes that were not conducted (except for mentioned 14 days) on their bank account.

4.4 The time schedule of classes (day of the week, time) can be changed upon request from a Student. However, the School cannot guarantee the change if new proposed time is not available in Teacher’s schedule.

4.5 The Student can be 10 minutes late to a class. If the Student doesn’t show up after 10 minutes, the class is considered conducted.

4.6 Upon request from a Student, the School can issue certificate confirming enrollment in the course.

4.7 The student has the right to change teacher during the course. In justified situations, the School also has the right to change teacher during the course.

§.5 Complaints

5.1 The student has the right to complain. In order to do this, please send an e-mail to with “Complaint” in subject. In the message, please provide full name of the student and detailed description of the situation. Complaints should be submitted within 7 days of the reason for the complaint.

5.2 If the lesson did not take place because of technical problems on the side of the student, it cannot be refunded.